Bleach H5 is an RPG game based on the Bleach Manga. As the main character, players form a team with a Shinigami, a Quincy and an Arrancar to battle against the enemies. You’ll also have a chance to summon Ichigo and others to battle together. You can also release the Zanpakutō’s Bankai skills, join a Legion to fight in Legion War, and become the King of the Bleach world.


Game Features

The game follows the original Bleach Manga as the core, so the gameplays, characters, scenes and other functions are all created to match Bleach. Players will get to summon Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki and other famous Bleach characters to battle together.

There are many PVP and PVE gameplays in the game including Arena, Field PK, Bleach Tourney and Mats Instances, for players to challenge opponents and prove own power. The different upgrading systems also require players to strategize.

Players can easily level up and obtain EXP even offline!


Game Functions

The game includes 3 classes; players can choose which one to unlock first according to own preferences.

Shinigami: Melee class with high damages and high HP

Quincy: Range class with high damages and AOE attack

Arrancar: Range class which has special summoning skills


Forging System

The gears come with powerful stats and players can upgrade the gears even more with the following methods:

Enhancing: upgrades each part’s basic stats

Star Up: greatly increase each part’s basic stats

Gems: Embed and upgrade Gems to add bonus stats



Each class has own set of skills. Players can activate when meeting the requirements and level up the skills.


Legendary Gears

Players can obtain Legendary gears and continue to upgrade them to become advanced Legendary gears, which obtains lots of bonus stats.


Instances Gameplay System

Clear the different instances to obtain corresponding gears and all types of mats.


PVP System

Through the PVP system, challenge powerful opponents to reach higher rankings and obtain lots of rewards.


Legion Stats

Create or join in a Legion to make friends and have fun.

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